Ypsilanti community schools sell old bus garage to towing company for $ 125,000


YPSILANTI, MI – A former bus garage and surrounding property that Ypsilanti Community Schools have been renting out since 2017 will be taken off the tax roll after its school board approved its sale to Budget Towing.

The Ypsilanti School Board approved the sale of the building at 800 Railroad Street to Nabil Salamey of Budget Towing for $ 125,000 by a unanimous vote at its meeting on Monday August 16. The board and administration did not discuss the sale of the property prior to approval.

The district had rented the building from Budget Towing since 2017, after it had been vacant for years. Previously, the building and surrounding property served as a bus garage for YCS transport before starting to privatize its transport services around 2011.

Salamey provided $ 86,500 for the purchase of the property before the sale, with the intention of paying the remaining $ 38,500 at closing.

Prior to leasing the bus depot, the old 4,000-square-foot bus garage was vacant and dilapidated, sparking concerns from city officials before the district began leasing the property to Budget.

Independent consultant Dave Chawto, who helped facilitate the purchase between Budget Towing and the school district, said YCS could not find any interested parties in purchasing the property at its original price of around $ 400,000. .

Budget Towing has other surrounding properties adjoining the property. He was renting a location from YCS to store the impounded cars on the surrounding 4.8 acres, which made the purchase ideal for both parties, Chawto said.

For YCS, putting the building into service now would have cost “essentially millions” in material and market costs, Chawto said, while the demolition of the building alone would have cost nearly $ 300,000, the neighborhood no. ‘still having no use for the earth.

“(YCS) couldn’t get anyone to make any offer because the building is so big that even to demolish that building you’re looking at around $ 280,000,” Chawto said. “It’s a victory for everyone. The school had neither the utility nor the capacity to do anything with it. Budget can use the land for vehicle storage, and then the city has a piece of dilapidated property listed on the tax roll. “

While the building is in poor condition, Chawto described the architecture as “phenomenal”.

“Unfortunately, after years of no use, the school district never serviced or maintained it after using it,” he said. “They made a few additions and used it for their bus parking and oil changes, and put some real old paper in it.”


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