Virginia sues ‘predatory’ Arlington towing company


Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring is suing Arlington-based Advanced Towing Company for alleged predatory and illegal practices.

Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring is going toe to tow with a towing company accused of predatory and illegal practices.

In a lawsuit, Herring alleges that Arlington-based Advanced Towing Company, LLC violated the provisions of the Virginia and Arlington County Towing Code, resulting in “often predatory, aggressive, excessive and illegal” towing behavior.

“Virginia consumers shouldn’t have to worry about towing companies acting illegally or employing predatory and dangerous business practices,” Herring said in a press release.

“My team and I will continue to hold tow companies and bad actors accountable when they break the law and take advantage of consumers.”

The lawsuit comes after years of complaints from residents who said their cars were towed and damaged by advanced tow drivers who used “threatening, rude, inappropriate and aggressive language.”

The combination indicates that Advanced Towing would use “spotters,” who are sometimes children or adolescents, to patrol parking lots looking for vehicles to tow.

Advanced Towing is charged with hiring tow truck drivers who are not properly registered with Virginia, towing vehicles in an unsafe manner, towing vehicles without proper legal authorization, illegally transporting police vehicles and commercial delivery vehicles such as Amazon delivery vans as well as not maintaining contracts with owners authorizing towing.

In one case in February, Advanced Towing towed an Arlington County Police Department car to the Pentagon City Mall, even though the mall did not request the tow.

Herring seeks restitution on behalf of consumers, civil penalties, attorney fees and asks the court to bar Advanced Towing from further violating the provisions of the Virginia County and Arlington towing code.

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