Trucking convoy: Ottawa police say towing company threatened not to help trucking convoy



Ottawa police say an investigation is underway into threats against a tow truck company that may have helped remove trucks from the ‘Freedom Convoy’ protest in downtown Ottawa.

CTV News Ottawa first reported last week that local towing companies were rejecting requests from Ottawa police for help towing vehicles from the “red zone”. of cooperation.

On Thursday, Chief Peter Sloly confirmed that a tow truck company that was allegedly able to provide the service with the “logistics to tow illegal vehicles” was the target of threats.

“They were threatened with sophisticated online activity and direct threats to harm their employees and their business,” Sloly said.

“There is a full criminal investigation into these threats. In other cases we have had uncooperative private sector agents contacted, so it has been incredibly difficult.”

Sloly said he heard the police chief in Windsor, Ont., where vehicles are blocking the road leading to the Ambassador Bridge, had encountered the same problems while trying to find tow trucks to help them.

“Uncooperative officers there or people who themselves have been threatened not to participate and not support police operations to eliminate protesters blocking the international bridge to the United States,” said Sloly.

The City of Ottawa has a fleet of heavy industrial tow trucks. Sloly says police are looking at a number of options to deal with this “significant logistical impasse”.

“We’ve looked at all kinds of options, and we’re looking at all kinds of joint procurement efforts, including across the country and south of the border,” the chief told reporters.

“We are looking at other methods that may allow us to not need to use tow trucks to the extent that we originally thought. All options are on the table.”

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