Parade of tow trucks honoring the longtime owner of the towing business


GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) – Tow operators from across the Grand Valley came together Sunday to show their love and support for another tow operator in failing health.

Kim Pearmain is the longtime owner of K&M Towing in Grand Junction, now at HopeWest Hospice. Once word of his condition was learned, his fellow tow trucks held a tow truck parade to show love, honor and respect for Kim and his wife, Mona.

Kim Hobscheidt, the owner of Dan’s Towing, made phone calls and sent text messages to rally the tow operator troops to ask them to join the parade. She said the support from other towing companies has been overwhelming.

“When I got the call on Thursday that he wasn’t well, I decided it was time to get everyone together,” Hobscheidt said. “This industry is a brotherhood. We all take care of ourselves and do what we can for each other. And the best way we know of is to get these big shiny trucks together in one place and have a kind of parade.

More than a dozen tow trucks and several Colorado State Patrol cars showed up and participated in the passing parade, flashing lights, honking and blaring sirens, all while Pearmain watched from his bed, with his wife Mona by his side.

Hobschneidt and Pearmain have long been business rivals, but Hobschneidt says despite that, gatherings like these are about showing respect and love for each other.

“So bringing together all of his comrades, friends and competitors and everyone to show our respect to Kim to honor him and his wife Mona and for the sacrifice they have made here in the valley forever,” Hobschneidt added. .

All the troubleshooters who came to the parade shared the same sentiment; working in the industry makes you part of a fraternity, and they take care of their own.

“We’re all in this business together but separately,” Hobschneidt said. “If we see someone on the freeway and they’re loading a vehicle in a dangerous place, we’ll pull over and help block it for them. That’s what this industry does. That’s why I love it so much.”

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