Namibia: governor demands return of towing company’s car


OHANGWENA Governor Walde Ndevashiya is suing northern towing company Shaduka Trading for refusing to return his car after an accident in Outapi two years ago.

According to documents filed with the Oshakati High Court, the accident took place on August 13, 2019 in Outapi in the Omusati region.

Ndevashiya’s Toyota Corolla was involved in a head-on collision with a Toyota VVT-i and was reportedly towed under the name Tangeni Sakaria, who was driving it, according to the documents.

In his complaint, Ndevashiya claims that he did not authorize or enter into any agreement with Shaduka Trading to tow his vehicle to the company’s premises.

The towing company is owned by Immanuel Shaduka.

Shaduka, through his legal representatives Kangumu Attorneys, demands that the governor pay him N $ 56,500 for towing and storing his vehicle before releasing it.

Shaduka claims that the disputed vehicle was towed on behalf of Sakaria, who indicated and signed that he was the rightful owner of the vehicle on the date of the collision.

He also said in his plea and counterclaims that the documents filed by the governor do not prove ownership of the vehicle.

“Registration of a motor vehicle does not constitute ownership. The vehicle is, until proven guilty, the property of Sakaria, and Ndevashiya does not have the necessary legal capacity to initiate the pending proceedings. “Shaduka said.

He alleges that Sakaria came to the storage facility after the accident and signed documents for the storage of the vehicle.

He also signed that he was the owner of the vehicle, Shaduka said.

Ndevashiya, however, denies that the vehicle is owned by Sakaria, claiming that he simply allowed Sakaria to drive the vehicle.

The vehicle is currently in the possession of Shaduka in Outapi.

Ndevashiya wants the High Court to order Shaduka to release the vehicle within seven days.

Otherwise, the deputy sheriff should be authorized to take possession of the vehicle and return it to him, he said.

Ndevashiya yesterday declined to comment on the matter.

“My private life has nothing to do with anyone. I’m not suing anyone for that matter, and I won’t say anything,” he said.

Shaduka was unavailable for comment on Monday.

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