Mid-Michigan towing company busy during rain, flooding this week | News


Rainy days resulted in flooding in parts of Bay County.

“It was very busy. We have a few trucks here, but most of them are still on the road, ”said Robert Panzer, owner and operator of Bob’s Towing and Recovery.

Thursday was a busy day for Bob’s Towing and Recovery in Bay City. Panzer estimates more than 30 calls due to the incessant rain.

“Lots of dropouts. People stuck out of the way,” Panzer said.

One of the drivers who pulled these cars out was Jeff Cook.

“The high winds and flooding, especially on the Independence Bridge and the wilder road area, have caused many recoveries on the water,” Cook said.

He said he pulled out six vehicles right next to the Independence Bridge, where the water reached his knees.

“It was about two feet. I believe about two feet deep in water. It was a crazy morning. We had a few today. We definitely won’t see the road again,” said Cook.

Cook said it takes less water than you might think to total a car.

“Anything that comes close to the air intake. It can go from a foot to about 18 inches and they can still suck water into the engine. At this point obviously the engine won’t run. Access the electronics inside the vehicle, of course, and a car died in the water, ”Cook said.

“I’m telling everyone – don’t follow it. Find an alternate route. That’s the most important thing, you don’t know the depth. It may sound shallower, but it is. And they do. ‘discovered this morning, “says Cook.

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