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The new lug nut challenge requires users to loosen the studs on your tires or even remove some of them.

CHICOPEE, MA (WGGB / WSHM) – A disturbing new TikTok challenge is drawing the attention of local towing companies, warning that the new trend among teens could have deadly consequences.

The new lug nut challenge requires users to loosen the studs on your tires or even remove some of them. The general manager of Interstate Towing told Western Mass News he has seen this happen to local customers before.

“We have had a few customers who have complained that their wheels have fallen off recently,” said Stephen Gonnerville, general manager of Interstate Towing.

Another dangerous new trend from TikTok is impacting local car owners, according to Gonneville.

Users call it the “lug nut challenge” by loosening or removing pods from car tires in the hopes of earning likes online.

“It is a deadly challenge, it could be very serious for someone driving the road at freeway speed if the tire comes off, it could lead to a serious accident, you could injure yourself or even die, we don’t never know, ”Gonneville explained.

Gonneville told Western Mass News that TikTok users have already targeted several cars in the area and feared the challenge could be an impending accident.

“I don’t know what the consequences are, but I know that tampering with someone to convey like that I’m sure there should be some sort of consequence with legal services,” Gonneville said.

He said it’s important to check your vehicle before you hit the road.

“If you park in an unfamiliar spot, take a quick walk around your vehicles if something looks out of place or out of place while you are working, stop looking at it and do- inspect it by a professional. Said Gonneville.

He encourages parents to talk to their children before it’s too late.

“You have to be careful of that stuff these days,” Gonneville said.

If this happens to you, report it to your local police department.

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