“Inexcusable:” City of Parsippany abandons contract towing company over racist incident



The town of Parsippany-Troy Hills has abandoned one of its contract towing companies after a worker used racist slurs on a customer on Wednesday morning.

An employee of Ajaco Towing Recovery, a company under contract with the Parsippany Police Department, was filmed addressing a client using “racial epithets and hostile language,” according to an article published on the city’s official Facebook page.

“After reviewing the video, the Township of Parsippany-Troy Hills and the Parsippany Police Department have decided to no longer use Ajaco Towing effective immediately,” the post read.

The company was also removed from all rotation lists for towing companies conducted by municipal operations.

Meanwhile, Parsippany Police are conducting an internal review of their response to ensure the incident has been handled properly by response officers.

“The Township of Parsippany-Troy Hills and the Parsippany Police Department will not condone this behavior in any way,” the post said. “The racist language used by anyone who works for or with the township is inexcusable and will never be allowed. “

“Parsippany is a community rich in cultural identities and diverse heritages. We are guided by our American openness and diversity. We do not tolerate hateful behavior and we will not allow the Township of Parsippany to do business with companies that tolerate this type of behavior. “

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