How Nashwan Habib turned his business into a successful towing business



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Nash Habib explains he’s not the ‘average’ towing company

SAN DIEGO, CA / ACCESSWIRE / April 23, 2021 / The average towing company will provide residential and commercial towing services. Some will operate 24/7, while others will operate on a set schedule. Nash Habib, a refugee from Iraq, learned how to turn his towing business into a successful one in San Diego, California.

Nashwan Habib, CEO of Angelo’s Towing & Recovery, has grown into a reputable company in Southern California. The emphasis has always been on customer service as well as offering a wide range of services.

Nash Habib’s commitment to customer service

Nash Habib has always believed in the importance of customer service. He knows the importance of taking care of customers to keep them coming back, and that they provide quality reviews.

One of the ways Nash Habib has ensured the success of the towing business is to provide 24/7 service. He wants to be able to serve customers immediately when they call for a traffic emergency.

With over 50 trucks and a satellite dispatch system, customers rarely have to wait long. Combine this with Nashwan Habibthe company’s commitment to team building and customer service training and this is the recipe for many positive reviews on the company’s Yelp page.

Nashwan Habib’s conviction to take care of the customer

Nashwan Habib quickly learned that a lot of people don’t want their cars towed. This means they may still have to take a couple of steps to get their vehicles back on the road. Rather than making it harder for his clients, Nash Habib decided to offer more services.

Tire changes, fuel delivery, on-site car battery replacement, quick start services and a variety of other services are offered by the towing company. Nashwan Habib believes that by helping on site, it allows people to skip the step of going to a mechanic. It helps get people back on the road and get their lives back.

Customers of all sizes can also get the help they need. Nashwan Habib slowly increased the size of the fleet to be able to provide recreational vehicle towing, medium and heavy towing, and even flat towing. Additionally, knowing the Southern California public, he also began equipping trucks with the necessary equipment to provide off-road recovery services.

About Nash Habib

Nashwan Habib learned what it means to live the American Dream. He landed in the United States the day after he turned 18. He was a refugee from Iraq. He left Iraq with his family at a young age and went to Greece. From Greece, this allowed him to move to the United States. Although Nash Habib knows very little English, he worked hard to enter the country. Today, he is not only the CEO of Angelo’s Towing and Recovery, but he also works with professionals across the region.

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