Greensboro towing company busy helping stranded drivers



GREENSBORO, NC (WGHP) – Piedmont Triad drivers can expect dangerous road conditions overnight and Tuesday morning.

Drivers will have to dodge slippery spots on some major roads and possibly entire patches of ice on secondary roads.

While Greensboro maintenance crews plow and salt secondary roads, tow truck drivers are on standby to retrieve vehicles that may become stuck on icy streets.

“People are going to be cornered, destroyed, and it’s just going to be mean,” said Ed Washam, president of Gate City Towing in Greensboro. “It will be very busy. It’s going to crust, really slippery.

Tow truck drivers like Washam are prepared for a wave of emergency calls as muddy roads turn to ice.

“The road may seem clear, and it may not be. Black Ice is exactly what it sounds like. You can’t really tell there’s ice until you get on it, then it’s too late,” Washam said.

Gate City Towing crews received 50 calls from Sunday through Monday morning, double the number of calls on a normal day.

Getting stranded vehicles out of the freeway was the greatest need during the winter mix.

“It’ll shake a car,” Washam said. “You’re going to be driving, and the next thing you know you’re in the air and in the ditch in a split second.”

He said it’s an accident you can avoid if you stay off the road.

“I tell my kids, my family, there’s no point being here now,” Washam said. “The best thing to do is stay off the road if you can. But if you must hit the road, take your time.

Washam told FOX8 if you must drive, take your time at a slow speed and keep plenty of distance between vehicles. Also pack a bag with water, snacks, a blanket, and a flashlight before a tow truck driver can join you.

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