Great Lakes Towing Company names Damen Harbor’s last tugs


Stan Tug 1907 ICE Harbor Tugs, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin

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The Great Lakes Towing Company has appointed two new tugs, the Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, to the Cleveland, Ohio, facility of its sister company Great Lakes Shipyard. The new tugs are the fourth and fifth in a series of ten Damen Stan Tug 1907 ICE harbor tugs that the Great Lakes Shipyard builds for the operations of the Great Lakes Towing Company, via Damen Technical Cooperation (DTC).

Operated by two-man teams, these compact and versatile tugs provide up to 30 tonnes of pull per bollard and can be used around the world. Their relatively small size and great maneuverability make them ideal for the Great Lakes region with its narrow waterways and numerous low bridges. The ability of tugs to navigate safely in icy waters is also essential given the very cold temperatures that occur there in winter. Great Lakes Towing Company vessels are also fitted with hybrid propulsion systems to minimize idle emissions and also to reduce main engine life cycle costs.

In his opening remarks at the ceremony, Joe Starck, President of The Great Lakes Towing Company, paid tribute to the resilience of shipyard workers to complete tugs despite the many challenges presented by the COVID pandemic. -19. He also thanked business stakeholders, many of whom had logged in during the virtual event, for their support during these difficult times.

The first to be named as the snow fell was Pennsylvania, sponsored by Louise Kandzer, partner of Gregg Thauvette, senior vice president – company operations. This was then followed by the nomination from Wisconsin, sponsored by Sally Stevens, wife of Robert Zadkovich, vice president – business development.

The new tugs replace four existing vessels in the towing company’s fleet that are being retired as part of the company’s modernization program, which was launched largely in response to Coast Guard Subchapter M regulations. American entry into force in 2016. The new tugs will operate in the Great Lakes and as far as the St. Lawrence Seaway. The Great Lakes Towage Company’s first Damen Stan 1907 ICE tug entered service in July 2017 and the program’s sixth tug will be delivered later this summer.

Great Lakes Shipyard builds the tugs under a license agreement with Damen and is the exclusive builder of Damen’s Stan Tug 1907 ICE harbor tugs in the United States.

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