Feds: 3 NYPD agents indicted in bribery scheme involving towing company


Joint FBI and NYPD investigation trapped current and retired cops – both from Long Island – for running a program in which wreckage from car accidents was misdirected to a towing company in exchange for thousands dollars in bribes, officials said on Friday.

NYPD officers James Davneiro, 42, of Bayside, and Giancarlo Osma, 39, of Deer Park, were both arrested Friday morning on federal corruption and other charges, both of whom worked in the 107th Quarter of Queens . Michael Perri, 32, of East Islip, who retired as an NYPD officer in 2020 and had also worked in the 107th police station, have also been charged.

Davneiro holds the rank of detective, joined the NYPD in July 2001 and has no disciplinary record, according to personnel records online. Osma, a patrol officer, joined the NYPD in July 2008 and his personal records show that he had two disciplinary complaints in 2017, including one in which he failed to properly report a matter to Home Affairs for which he been docked for 20 vacation days.

The three defendants were due to be brought to justice on an indictment in Brooklyn federal court on Friday night before magistrate Lois Bloom for conspiracy and interstate bribery.

According to a statement released by Jacquelyn Kasulis, Acting U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of New York, the tow truck program would have started in May 2020 when Davneiro and Osma, after responding to car crashes, directed damaged vehicles to a tow. authorized. Trucking and auto repair shop operated by Perri. The two cops were said to have received a few thousand dollars in bribes, according to the indictment. The direction of business to Perri was reportedly carried out in violation of a special NYPD program, known as the Directed Accident Response Program or DARP, which required the department to select suitable towing companies and not independent companies to responding to accidents, Kasulis said.

The two-count indictment alleged that the defendants had circumvented the DARP program. In one case, Perri is accused of “paying a bribe of $ 1,600 to Osma” in April 2021, then another round of payments in May 2021 of $ 1,000 to Osma and $ 1,000 to Davneiro, according to the indictment. The indictment further accused the two active duty cops of hijacking “one or more vehicles” involved in accidents to Perri’s business during the months of April and May. Perri’s company has not been identified in court documents.

Friday’s arrests were the second in an investigation that earlier this year caught three other defendants, two current NYPD police officers and another retired member of the service, all from Long Island, accused of participating in a four-year program to bypass the randomized tow truck selection system.

NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea said in a statement that the arrests were the latest in an ongoing investigation involving the department’s internal affairs office. A spokesperson for the department said Davneiro and Osma were suspended without pay following their arrests.

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