Edmond towing company accused of leaving customers stranded


EDMOND, Okla. (KFOR) – A subway towing company is under fire, accused of taking money, ghosting and leaving customers dry.

Towing companies often step in when you are most vulnerable. But the people of Edmond say a local business has added insult to injury.

“It’s a hard lesson learned,” Kelly Caldwell said. “I won’t be so naive and trustworthy next time.”

Kelly’s car broke down late last month, coming to a stop in a gas station parking lot.

“A lot of fumes started coming out from under my hood,” she said. “I decided to call my mechanic, and he was like, ‘Don’t drive your car, just have it towed to the shop. “”

Brittany, Kelly’s daughter, knew exactly who to call.

She tells KFOR that a friend of hers owns Edmond Towing LLC, and they were quick to respond.

“[Edmond Towing] asked where,” Brittany Harvey said. “Then he called me and told me that he was going to personally meet his driver to choose [the car] and tow it home.

Andrew Sabatino says his experience with Edmond Towing started the same way. He was in need after his truck broke down on the side of the road.

“I came across Edmond Towing on Google. It was the first towing company available,” Andrew said. “I called them. They sounded pretty legit.

Andrew and Kelly, however, say the payment proved slightly problematic.

Edmond Towing owner Sean Haddock requested that payments be made in advance via Cash App.

“Sean said, ‘I can handle it, just Cash App me, because my credit card machines are down,'” Andrew said.

Andrew tells News 4 that he sent Edmond Towing $280 and never heard from the company again.

“[Edmond Towing] never showed up to pick up a vehicle. He never answered my phone calls,” Andrew said. “I sent in a dispute, a dispute via Cash App, and he just denied it.”

Kelly and Brittany say they were chained for two days after payment.

The two eventually had to come up with a temporary fix, working on the car in the gas station parking lot.

“In the rain, we popped the hood and put the hose back on the radiator,” Kelly said. “I filled it up and took it home.”

Edmond Towing’s story is puzzling. By all accounts, digging through online reviews, it was apparently a successful business at one point.

But something seems to have changed lately. Their Edmond branch has closed.

DPS officials told News 4 the company was removed from their call list in May for “not responding to rotation calls.”

Edmond Towing has since had his convenience store license revoked.

News 4 attempted to reach the company, but calls to Edmond Towing were not returned. Facebook messages to both the company and owner Sean Haddock also went unanswered.

Andrew, Kelly and Brittany can only hope that others will not be victimized.

“I don’t want him to do that to other people,” Kelly said. “It’s too expensive, and people just don’t have the money to get caught right now.”

In Your Corner bottom line, when it comes to these services:

  • Consumers should avoid using phone apps, as there is often little recourse to get their money back.
  • Drivers should also consider calling their insurance, as they are sometimes able to facilitate picking up a car.
  • Always make sure the towing company provides a contract with an itemized invoice, before paying.

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