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A small business owner from Echo wants to bring his life experience to the state legislature.

“Stormin” Norman Horton is running for the seat in State Senate District 31, which serves residents of Coffee, Covington, Pike and Dale counties. State Senator Jimmy Holley has announced he will not run for the seat after 44 years in public office.

Although Horton said he believed his life experience, including building an auto towing business, prepared him for this new leadership role, he asks, “So what?”

“If my life experiences are only used to get your vote, then I’m no different than anyone asking for a paycheck to ‘fix’ Alabama just because they checked all the boxes to be a ‘good one. person,'” Norton said.

Horton graduated from Alabama Aviation and Technical College with a degree in aviation maintenance and used those skills to build Stormin’s Towing and its associated businesses from the ground up.

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He gave back to the community with TOWED, a program where people and their cars were driven home for free on New Year’s Eve.

Norman is married to Roslyn New Horton, his wife of 42 years, with whom he shares four children: Cindy, former manager of Thomas and Betts in Memphis; Brian, IT director of Duke Schools in Raleigh; Michael, a real estate investor in Florida; and Becky, who owns a computer company, also in Florida.

Horton says he is a champion of Alabama workers and brought his ideas to Montgomery, guiding the bills he drafted through the Senate and House of Representatives from state and helping to “kill unconstitutional bills”.

He was also the keynote speaker in Washington, DC as he presented national trucking industry issues to the Department of Transportation.

“I will fight for your life, your freedom and your pursuit of happiness,” he said.

“Your freedom may not be my freedom, but if it’s legal and you’re not hurting anyone, then I’ll fight for your freedom even if I don’t like it. If you lose yours, mine is next.

Horton is running against Josh Carnley and Mike Jones Jr. in the Republican primary, which takes place May 24.

There are no Democratic candidates for the seat.

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