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CHICAGO (CBS) – Fooled or stupid? An online truck sale didn’t go the way an Illinois man expected.

Louis Garcia admitted his purchase sounded too good to be true, but he still invested over $ 19,000 in savings.

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CBS 2 Morning Insider Lauren Victory helped get her money back and shares her post with other buyers.

“You know everyone has a dream, don’t you? Garcia said.

His dream? Own your own towing business: U-Break, I-Tow, Inc.

The i’s were dots and ts crossed with the state of Florida, where he obtained a business license in April. His final steps: get towing gear and leave Illinois.

So Garcia looked for Copart, a leading online auto auction company.

A beauty of a truck for around $ 19,000 appeared through a broker called A Better Bid.

“Everyone says, you know, ‘if it’s too good to be true, don’t do it.’ But it’s an auction, and it goes pretty quickly. So you really have times to think about it; go with your heart, ”said Garcia, whose heart broke when he traveled to pick up his new purchase in Louisville, Kentucky.

“I was ready to go, but unfortunately the truck was not roadworthy,” Garcia said.

He had to call another tow truck to haul it to avoid storage costs. Photos he provided to CBS 2 show that the truck’s undercarriage was rotten.

“To properly repair this truck, it will cost between $ 12,000 and $ 15,000,” Garcia said.

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Copart customers can inspect vehicles before purchasing or hiring an independent inspector visit a truck yard.

Garcia didn’t think it was necessary, pointing to the truck ad. He said the landing gear issues weren’t shown, but admits they were noted as secondary damage.

Still, with the primary damage listed as minor dents and scratches, he believed the secondary damage to the undercarriage must also be minor. He said he heard that a previous buyer refused to take the truck because of the rot. CBS 2 could not confirm this.

Garcia’s calls for a refund didn’t go well.

“They put me on hold and then after 20-30 minutes they just clicked,” Garcia said.

Garcia called CBS 2 for help, and the wheels were moving once we got involved. Copart agreed to reimburse Garcia, even expressing gratitude for the “role of CBS 2 in making this happen.”

“We care about the experience of our buyers,” Copart explained for the refund in another email.

The biggest lesson?

“Be careful what you buy online,” Garcia said, when we interviewed him a second time after Copart reached out to facilitate a refund. “I am on my way to my dream once again. Thank you.”

He’s already found a new truck and could start U-Break, I-Tow before summer.

Copart disputed the allegations that the description of the truck was inaccurate. A spokesperson also said Garcia was not technically a client of Copart, but a client of broker A Better Bid.

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This company did not answer any of our questions about this transaction.

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