Deadline Detroit | A Detroit metro towing company charged accident victims up to $9,000



Snow squalls caused several Sunday pile-ups on 696. (Photo: Fox 2)

10G towing and recovery is the latest towing company capture the heat for price gouging in the Detroit metro.

TV reports say he charged two drivers involved in a snowy Sunday on I-696 in Farmington Hills $9,000 and $4,000 to recover their vehicles.

Kellie Rockwell, who was hit by the higher bill, breaks down the costs for Fox 2:

(The bill) included “a $375 Covid charge,” she said. “Five hundred dollars for storage, $2,100 to plug it in.”

Rockwell says she only used that towing company because they showed up right after first responders, and she mistakenly thought they were with the Michigan State Police.

“Our insurance company said to use the tow truck drivers that the police had on site,” she said.

Timothy Vanhaverbeck was reportedly told he would have to pay $4,000 to get his car back.

Michigan business records show the company was incorporated last month — just in time for peak snow season and a series of Super Bowl Sunday pile-ups involving more than 100 vehicles. It was registered by a Ryan Wolfe with an address in Troy, although an invoice shared with Deadline Detroit indicates the company has a location in Redford.

Although Vanhaverbeck and Rockwell have reportedly negotiated lower bills with the help of their insurance companies, they will still have to pay several thousand dollars to get their cars back, Fox 2 reports.

Rockwell told the station she had been in contact with Michigan State Police, who were investigating, but an agency spokesperson said Saturday she had not heard from him and that no investigation was opened. The agency said it recently filed a lawsuit against another towing company, but generally does not find towing operators criminally liable.

There are few state laws to prevent tow operators from preying on drivers, but potential customers approached by a company they haven’t called are recommended to check with their insurance company to see if they have any. has sent or if they are under contract with a police service.

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