Convoy to Canberra protesters leave negative reviews for towing company Queanbeyan | Canberra time


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A Queanbeyan towing company has been forced to shut down its website and remove its phone number from the internet after it was targeted by anti-vax protesters and sovereign citizens of Canberra. The company was inundated with negative reviews and calls after towing the group’s cars from outside the National Library of Australia on Friday morning. All States Towing, which has a contract with the Australian Federal Police, received hundreds of one-star reviews from protesters, many of them truckers, saying they were “un-Australian” and “traitors”. Owner Zoran Matijevic said he was “bombarded with calls” and negative reviews from angry protesters. In a statement, they said: ‘We have been contracted by ACT Policing to move the vehicles that were parked on the grass to nearby legal parking today. “We moved the cars about 100 yards up the road to a legal parking spot and off the grass. We did not charge any owners of the vehicles to move these cars to legal parking spots. As far as we As we know, all vehicles are accessible to owners, they have not been seized.” ACT Policing issued a statement confirming that “four vehicles were towed after their owners refused to move them.” Protesters had set up an illegal campsite on Patrick White Lawns but were moved by police after seizing equipment and making an arrest for possession of firearms and ammunition In response to the negative reviews, many posted five-star positive feedback indicating that the company was “doing its job” Protesters also attacked Young All States Towing, although not the company. company responsible for towing their cars and that it is located in Victoria. Owner Gary Young said he was “very disappointed with people’s reactions” and feared it would damage his company’s reputation. He posted on Facebook saying the company had “nothing to do with freedom rally towing their cars”. Our reporters work hard to provide local, up-to-date news to the community. Here’s how you can continue to access our trusted content:


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