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Lou Altobelli, 49, owns one of the tow truck companies the Township of Egg Harbor calls when she has an abandoned car she wants to tow. Altobelli appeared at a recent township committee meeting to say the township does not pay him for his work.

EGG HARBOR TOWNSHIP – They say you can’t fight Town Hall, but Louis H. Altobelli would dispute that claim.

“I’m a person who believes good is good and bad is bad,” said Altobelli, 49, who believes you can fight and win if the facts are on your side.

Altobelli, owner of Court House Towing in Rio Grande, has been in conflict with the township for four years. Its towing service is one of the companies the township hires to remove disabled vehicles from the road when necessary.

Some of the cars towed by Altobelli were sold by the township, and the profits from the sales were added to the township’s general fund, but he was not paid for his towing services, he said.

At a recent city committee meeting he attended to brief elected officials on his fate, Altobelli estimated he owed him at least $ 8,000.

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He said he spoke to the police department and Township Administrator Peter J. Miller, but did not receive an offer of payment. He warned the committee that treating disabled car towing as a free service opens the door to corruption.

“I send email after email and get no response,” Altobelli told the committee.

Altobelli raised this concern in August, and Miller told him he would look into the matter. The COVID-19 pandemic has delayed police collection of all facts, but the department has been full since February, Miller said.

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