Attorney General James sues predatory towing company for cheating and harassing New Yorkers


Bobby towing illegally towed vehicles while owners were present,
Overcharging for tow charges and falsified tow tickets

AG James encourages New Yorkers injured by
Towing Bobby to file a complaint with his office

NEW YORK – New York Attorney General Letitia James today filed a lawsuit against a predatory towing company, known as Bobby’s Towing, and its owner and operator, Robert Scores, for cheating and repeatedly harassed hundreds of New Yorkers in Poughkeepsie. The lawsuit alleges that for years Mr. Scores engaged in rude behavior, illegally towing cars, overcharging towing charges, falsifying tow tickets and making racist and derogatory comments to car owners. vehicles. He actively patrolled the streets looking for cars to be towed even though private owners would not call for a car to be towed. Bobby’s Towing has consistently violated New York’s Trade Laws and the City of Poughkeepsie’s Towing Ordinance. Attorney General James is taking action to correct this unlawful behavior and protect New Yorkers. Through his lawsuit, Attorney General James is seeking restitution and refunds for those who were deceived.

“We are curbing this illegal and predatory behavior that is hurting too many vulnerable New Yorkers,” said Attorney General James. “For too long, Bobby’s Towing has intimidated New Yorkers who depended on their car to get to work, take their kids to school, buy groceries and run errands. No one should have to pay hundreds of dollars for get his car back when he did nothing wrong. Today we are taking action to stop Bobby’s Towing from harassing other New Yorkers on the streets of Poughkeepsie. There is no place for predatory companies like this in New York.

The Office of the Attorney General (OAG) has opened an investigation into Bobby’s Towing after receiving multiple complaints against the company and Mr. Scores for aggressive and even racist behavior. The OAG investigation revealed that Mr. Scores consistently engaged in deceptive and predatory business practices, including:

  • Towing vehicles even when the owners were on the scene and willing to move their cars;
  • Towing temporarily idling cars; and,
  • Falsification of tow tickets with false justifications for towing and cost.

Additionally, Mr. Scores has repeatedly told consumers to report tows to their insurance as roadside assistance for insurance reimbursement, which is illegal. Mr. Scores also often failed to properly connect cars to his tow truck, causing extensive and costly damage to vehicles.

Mr. Scores repeatedly violated the City of Poughkeepsie’s towing ordinance by charging over $85 for towing fees, failing to wait the required 20-minute grace period before towing, overcharging storage fees and charging administrative and other prohibited service fees. In multiple affidavits obtained by OAG, car owners said Scores towed their car within 10 minutes of leaving it.

Through his lawsuit — filed in Dutchess County State Supreme Court — Attorney General James asks:

  • A conditional injunction restraining Mr. Scores from operating a tow truck business unless he obtains a $100,000 bond;
  • Reimbursement for vehicle owners/operators for illegal or wrongful towing, with reimbursements to include all damages, such as lost wages, in the circumstances of illegal towing;
  • Restitution for all known and unknown consumers;
  • An end to all deceptive and predatory business practices;
  • Restitution of illegal profits obtained; and,
  • Penalties.

Attorney General James encourages New Yorkers harmed by Bobby’s Towing to file a complaint online with his regional office in Poughkeepsie or call 845-485-3900.

“As the former Assistant Attorney General in charge of the Poughkeepsie Consumer Fraud Bureau, I applaud Attorney General Letitia James for her actions against an unscrupulous towing company that harassed and deceived townspeople. of Poughkeepsie,” said Assemblyman Jonathan Jacobson. “The Attorney General’s actions will result in restitution to innocent consumers who shouldn’t have to waste days in court and lost wages to recoup their losses.”

This case is being handled by Assistant Attorney General Cheryl Lee of the Poughkeepsie Regional Office, with support from Consumer Fraud Representative David Lederman, Civilian Investigator Adrienne DeGaetano and Civilian Investigator Stephanie Brideau of the Poughkeepsie Regional Office . The Poughkeepsie Regional Office is headed by Assistant Attorney General in Charge Vinita Kamath and is part of the Regional Affairs Division, which is headed by Deputy Attorney General Jill Faber. The Regional Affairs Division is overseen by Senior Deputy Attorney General Jennifer Levy.

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