Area Business removed from Bristol rotary towing company list due to inaccurate reports


23 November 2021

A company in the area was removed from the city’s rotating towing list due to inaccurate reports.

Police Chief Brian Gould said Automotive Plus was recently taken off the list as part of an investigation.

“This is an initiative that we started several years ago,” said Gould. “We have towing companies that are on our towing list that are representative of the Bristol Police Service and we need to enforce applicable laws to ensure they comply with the laws when towing for us.”

Lt. Matthew Moskowitz said an officer launched a program of “tow truck inspections” a few years ago to keep towing companies “honest”. Towing companies are called upon to respond to police calls concerning broken down vehicles or those resulting from accidents.

“They are a direct reflection of us,” Moskowitz said.

Officers inspect towing slips which show whether mileage is accurately documented and whether additional labor hours and equipment are required for towing.

“All of them are documented in the same way,” Moskowitz said. “There are two miles included in the tow. Often they will document that they need to tow them a longer distance than the two free miles included. These mileage charges need to be a certain amount and they need to be documented with The same goes for storage costs.If it is a car accident and has been under investigation for a long time, those storage costs add up quite quickly.

Officers recently performed an inspection of Automotive Plus tow trucks and the inspection showed there was a “plethora” of violations, Moskowitz said. Towing slips were not documented, some lacked mileage and the equipment used was not documented. Fees were added to vouchers that did not state what they were used for, the traffic division commander said. The investigation took place in the form of a citizen complaint.

“We took care of the on-site inspection,” Moskowitz said. “Because of the number of infractions we have, we have fines totaling well over $ 16,000 and removing them from the convenience store rotation because of the thinking they’ve had on the city.”

The lieutenant said the investigation into towing tow truck inspections for Automotive Plus began on October 19 and ended on October 31 due to a citizen complaint that the individual believed he was overcharged for services. A citation was issued by Bristol Police on November 10 for a fine of around $ 3,400 due to more than 160 offenses. These violations would normally total around $ 16,000 in fines, but law enforcement chose to cite a lower amount and remove Automotive Plus from its tow truck rotation. The lieutenant said the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles is also initiating its own investigation into Automotive Plus to see if the plaintiff can be reimbursed and that completion of the investment is still pending.

Commissioner Paul Lemieux said he expected other issues to come to light during the Ministry of Motor Vehicles investigation.

When called, a representative for Automotive Plus said the company had made no comment.

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