“Your driver did a wonderful Job.” He arrived on time, tested and replaced my battery, and had me on my way to work in no time. I highly recommend Keizer Towing     Dorothy L

“Boy did it save my life that day.  Keizer Towing did a fine job; he even cleaned the corrosion off the battery cable connectors.  He was right there on the button.  I even wrote on the slip “well done.” To be able to come and answer a road call with a brand new battery and a personable, knowledgeable man.  Thank You!!”    Donald W

“Keizer Towing was great!  Our dog was all over the place and your driver was very patient and polite”.

“Keizer Towing came, did a great job.  He was great, I still can’t believe a battery could be changed in your drive way, this saved me a lot of time waiting at a shop.  Thanks much.”    Tania S

“Keizer Towing was here 15 minutes early which was wonderful.  Your driver was done by the time I needed to leave.  He was nice and personable.  Very knowledgeable, he tested my battery and even printed the results out for me. He took the time to explain what the test meant.   I really appreciated the help, thank you”!      Cynthia A